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Studio Z Development provides Real Estate Development Services to Business Owners and Developers.
In short, we develop your project from concept to completion.


Our Main Service is complete Project Development, this way you don’t have to .

We also provide three other Services that could come in handy for you.

Here are our Services:

  • Complete Project Development – from Design to Completion
  • Design and Project Entitlement
  • Master Planning and Project Feasibility
  • Political Work

Below we have more detailed descriptions of each service.

If you’re ready to go — My suggestion is to schedule a call with yours truly, Richard Denzer. There we can discuss your project and your needs. There is no charge for the call.

Just shoot me an email at rdenzer72@gmail, tell me a little bit about your project and your business and I’ll reply right back. We’d love to hear about your project.

Below is your more detailed description of our Services . . .

1. Complete Project Development – from Design to Completion

Our Main Service is to Design, Entitle and Build your Project.

This way, from the get go you have one point of contact.

Your time is valuable and you’re already running a business. That’s why we do this, so you don’t have to. All of our work is a Collaboration and that makes it fun. Sure, we go fast and you’re in charge the whole way. The way we do it is we Design the Project, (Yep, I’am an architect too.) and from there we hire consultants, and contractors to execute the items needed. We manage the process the whole way, all the way to completion. And along the way we provide cost estimates, schedules and cash flow analysis so you can make intelligent decisions.

2. Design and Project Entitlement

You might have a project that needs to be Designed and then Entitled.
If that’s the case we can help you with the Design and the Entitlement Process. Being a Californian and practicing here and Internationally for just about 40 years we know the processes and the best experts to provide those special needs some projects need.

3. Master Planning and Project Feasibility

Large or Small, Master Planning is finding two things — finding a positive physically achievable design solution with the design allowing for the financial ability to achieve it. You need both to have a successful project.

Just recently we finished up a very nice repositioning of a 40 year old Ocean Front Golf Resort in Mexico. This resort had only 600 single family resident lots for sale, that weren’t moving. When we finished our new Master Plan this resort had 2,800 highly desirable condo’s and town-homes for sale along with 8 ocean front hotel sites. All total — $630 million of new residential real estate for sale, not including the 8 hotel sites.

Large or Small a successful Master Planning effort allows you to wisely execute your project over time. If have a project that requires phasing options, give us a call.

4. Political Work

I get this request a lot more now. Richard, can you take the lead on this for us?What’s being asked is for me to be the front man for the Project.

And in most cases the answer is — yes.

In my experience People are pretty agreeable. All you gotta do is ask.
Of course, its more complicated than that. However, over the years, we’ve had some great success doing just that and you’d be surprised how supportive every one is.

If your project is in need of this skill set, please reach out to me personally, Richard Denzer, and schedule a call.

You can reach me directly at rdenzer72@gmail.com

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