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And Yours Truly Richard Denzer


Hello Friend, Richard Denzer here.

  • I’am the Founder and Owner of Studio Z Development.

Here, we Develop Projects for Fee for Clients just like you looking to get your project designed, entitled and built. Do we develop our own projects for profit — you bet.

First a Warning You might be reading this and you’re gonna say to yourself — man I don’t know if I can afford this or not. Our fees are a value to certain people and to others just out of the question. If price is a sensitive issue for you my suggestion is to stop reading right now. Development of any size costs money. And the most intelligent and dependable way to execute any project is with experienced professionals. If you want and enjoy projects that are executed with a smooth predictably successful outcome — you’re in the right place. Let’s be honest, it takes money to execute projects. We know, we do them all the time. So, if we’re on the same page — keep reading, I think you’ll enjoy.

About Studio Z Development

Having executed real estate projects for over 40 years the main thing I’ve noticed is the lack of intelligent leadership. That might sound blunt, however its true. Sometimes it was the ownership’s inexperience or he underestimated the time it would take him or maybe the owner choose a contractor to lead the way and the design choices were always the cheapest and in some cases un-permit able due to the design solution being so weak and unappealing. No one is happy. The City, the Owner, the Architect — all were frustrated and the process was painful. Cheap design costs money too and when you spend money, whether its $100,000 or $100 million you want to be proud of the outcome. In the profit sense and in the product that’s left behind.

And from my experience . . . good product is always profitable and bad product is never profitable.

And as an owner isn’t that what you’re looking for, a good, or exceptional product.

So, with this being the case I formed Studio Z Development.

Here’s what We Do;

We Design, Entitle (permit), and Build and in doing so we Manage the entire process from concept to completion. This way you don’t have to. After all you have a business to run.

With this process our outcomes are this — Money Spent Wisely.

You might be asking how do you do all of this —

what’s your experience and background.

Good question, and the answer is I am approaching 40 years of experience in designing, entitling, and building projects, large and small all around the world — to the tune of $10 billion worth. Today, my preference is to do most of my work right here in Southern California.

How’d I get here with all of this work and experience — using a older term I’am a Master Architect licensed in the State of California. A Master Architect takes the project from conception to completion. That’s what I do and that is what Studio Z Development is all about.

We do it all from the beginning to the end. Design, City Interaction, Outreach, Politics, Bidding, Contracting, Project and Construction Management, Close Out, Consultant Selection and Management, including Interior Designers. For some clients we can provide financing for the project. We work with lenders regularly on our own projects and we are more than happy to share our contacts with our clients.

Getting back to more detail on my background when I was younger I worked with two very well known international firms William Pereira and Associates and CRSS. William Pereira was an LA based firm that had offices in Paris, London and Tokyo. You might know them best for the Transamerica Building in San Francisco (the pyramid). From an LA and Orange County side they Master Planned most of Orange County, University of California Irvine and Fashion Island. The Founder and Leader of William Pereira was Mr. William Pereira, who was on the Cover of Time Magazine for his iconic planning and architecture work.

CRSS came to Orange County to execute Orange County Performing Arts Center and Center Tower for the Segerstrom Family. CRSS was based out of Houston and opened a satellite office here in Orange County for their new work here. Its here that I joined this firm and in the first three weeks of my time there I Master Planned over $750 million of work. CRSS was the largest Architecture Engineering Firm in the world. At our CRSS Orange County office we executed — Orange County Performing Arts Center, Center Tower, City Hall of Irvine, Brea Olinda High School, numerous High Rise Office and Condo Towers and even snuck in a Master Plan of a University of San Marcos.

That was an amazing run of work and then . . .

. . . I opened my own practice.

Couple things I know how to do well, play golf and execute real estate developments.

As an avid golfer (I taught for 15 years) I worked my way into the Golf Development Business and am considered an expert in Golf Community Master Planning and Repositioning. Understanding golfers, and buyers of Luxury Real Estate in Golf Communities comes in handy. They are a unique and affluent bunch. I know them understand them and . . . am one of them.

What’s fun about Golf Communities is the variety of uses. Housing, Clubhouses, Retail, Offices, Churches, Hotels, Restaurants, Entertainment, the whole shebang. And that variety kept me on top of what profitably works in every sector.

And that’s good for you as your project is more than likely in one of those sectors.

For more detail on our Qualifications give me a shout via email and we can provide you information that is most appropriate for you. In our 40 years of work we have been involved in almost every aspect of commercial and residential development. Just send a note to me personally, Richard Denzer, at rdenzer72@gmail.com and I’ll get you the information you’re looking for. Just let me know a bit about you and your project.

There’s more if you have time . . .

What Kind of Projects Do We Do? (Fun Ones of Course!)

There are Two Categories we Develop for . . .

  • We Develop Projects for Business Owners and
  • We Develop Projects for Investors.

For Business Owners it could be an Office Expansion or Upgrade or a Move to a new Space. Hey, maybe its an Industrial Building Expansion even a seismic retrofit.

For Investors it could be a Property Repositioning or a Brand New Project on raw land.

Here are some examples of projects we’re working on —

Currently, we are working on a Golf Course Repositioning. Here we are updating all of the facilities, Clubhouse, Maintenance Facilities, Golf Course Perimeter Fencing, Parking Lots — its very comprehensive. The project will take years and is being broken down into pieces and executed one piece at a time.

You might have a project like that.

Doesn’t have to be a golf course, it could be a Campus.

One fun project we have is a Property Repositioning where we are taking an existing old apartment building and tripled the density with a very cool and hip building for Luxury Senior Apartments where we even have a 10,000 sf roof deck filled with party spaces, exercise area and veggie garden. We see this as a hungry market to serve.

How about this one — a 12,000 sf 1931 Los Angeles Estate that needs to be updated for sale. This old French Beauty is a classic home and we are putting together the game plan to update this old home and bring into today’s living standards. This “New Old” home will allow for a new buyer to come in and purchase at a substantial profit.

Ok, one more and that’s enough.

One of our Investor Partners has a very cool Luxury Home Development in Rancho Mirage. He has ten lots there all with High End homes planned. Three are already designed, two are built with one ready to start construction — 7 are left to be designed. These residences are all single story contemporary homes integrated with the outdoors capturing fantastic mountain views. We were pleased to be invited to design the remaining 7 homes. These residences will be very, very hip and very, very cool — oozing, resort living and lounging.

Ok, I lied, one more.

Just recently we wrapped up a Master Plan of a 40 Year Old Golf Community in Mexico that has 5.6 kilometers of Ocean Front and a fabulous Resort Golf Course all with Ocean View. The project goal was to reposition the Real Estate Offering from unsaleable high end lots to higher density condo’s that are fun and luxury oriented and will allow for fast absorption. In the original Master Plan there were 600 lots for sale. In the new Master Plan we ended up with 8 hotel sites and 2,800 new fun luxury oriented condos with ocean and golf course views perfectly targeted for the available market.

Ok, now I’m done — if you would like to know more about our current or past projects just shoot me, personally, Richard Denzer an email at rdenzer72@gmail.com In your email let me know about your project and we can provide you some great information that should be of help to you.

After all its your project that you want help on. And if we can we’d love too.

Here’s What I Can Help You With, Specifically

My Main Focus is to help you with your upcoming project. You may want to learn a few things before you get going and we have some good articles for you that should be of some great help. Or you may have some specific questions that you would like answered right now and we can help there too.

For example, if you’re getting ready to start a new project and you have some specific questions please, reach out — we can help you. Save yourself the worry.

So, the next step is to Subscribe below and get your Free Reports.

If you have question or two right now, shoot me an email — we’ll get you covered. You can reach me, Richard Denzer at rdenzer72@gmail.com.

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